Raffle Of the Month!

Current Prizes up For Grabs!
5 Keys +2 Months VIP
3  Keys +2 Months VIP2 Months VIP!

Grand Prize!2nd Place!3rd Place!


How to earn raffle tickets?

First earn points by doing the following

  • Kill 10 people get a point
  • Get 10 assist get a point
  • Playing 10 mins get a point

When you have 250 points exchange it for 1 raffle ticket!


Donate! Every dollar you donate gets you 5 raffle tickets!


Play your luck any kill has a chance of dropping a gift containing 250 points which can immediately be exchanged for a ticket!


How to Enter raffle tickets?

On any of our servers, use the !tc command to be brought to a menu showing you your current points and tickets.

You can exchange 250 points for a raffle ticket for the monthly drawing. Any entered raffle tickets are consumed when the raffle is run.

Tickets do not carry over month to month, but points do!

Raffle Interface

Drawing & Rules

Drawings take place last day of every month.

In order to qualify for the raffle, you must have at least 1 ticket entered for current drawing.

Users who have been banned or are otherwise not in good standing are not eligible to win prizes.

You will be sent a trade offer with your prize via Steam.

Failure to claim to prize in 1 week of the offer being initiated will forfeit your prize.

Runners up will be drawn at the time of the raffle to determine who will get the prize.

Attempting to cheat, scam, abuse, or misrepresent your points or tickets will make your points and tickets null and subject to possible ban. Anyone assisting with fraudulent behavior are subject as well.

There are no ticket or point refunds. Prizes cannot be exchanged.

Note the raffle does not run on the following servers: MVM, WarioWare, Match, Idle/Achievement, MGE




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