Were did Minecraft go?
Are the TC minecraft servers officially gone?  I normally host a vanilla 1.8.8 server from my PC (working on a more permanent solution).  PM me for the IP if you'd like to come play!  I normally keep it up from ~10am to midnight or later, eastern time.
EDIT: Found it. I'm not stupid I promise.... The offer to play on my server stands of course, I you prefer vanilla minecraft.
EDIT2: I might be stupid. No further questions.
[Image: 60915255.jpg]
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[Image: OGfBeRl.gif]
I'd be interested in joining, but I'm gaming too much lately. If the offer stand in the future, you may just find me there Big Grin
... as for the stoopidity, we can't help you with that. Have you looked into, like, yoga or something?
I play on the modded server more. Join me ^.^ Mauii and Olli are on there too.
We have a vanilla server with a few plugins that do not effect vanilla gameplay. 

We also have the modded server like Gumi stated. 

Theyre both cool, always running, and are listed on our server page along with the rest of the servers TC hosts.

maybe dont advertise other minecraft servers ;-;

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