ModPack Updates
The Creampack has been updated to 3.0
- Botania Mod was added
- Journey's Map seems to no longer be working with the pack, Mauii & Olli are investigating. 
(Just thought updates to the pack should be posted. Enjoy)
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Great idea to make a thread about our updates Rebound! Yeah don't know whats up with journeymap, youre welcome to put an older one in or try a different map mod. It's up to you, since its client-side.

Slight edit to update, in addition to 17 mods being updated, the following mods were added to the pack:
  • et futurum
  • ars magica 2
  • botania
  • wr-cbe
  • modular powersuits
  • forbidden magic
  • hearts
  • animation api
  • brandons core 
> Updated to 3.0.4

> Minor update to include Inventory Tweaks into everyone's pack.
Small new update coming soon, adding journey's map back into the pack. Tested a recentish version and it works for me. If you have the old journey's map folder in your .technic, the map should load up your already explored area just fine. All the difference is, is a slight difference in coloration on the map.
Update 3.1 to the modpack has been released.
>added Journey's Map back into the pack. 
NOTE: if the download isn't working at the current time, you can go into the launcher settings and use the previous version since the change is only client side.
mods removed:
  • mo furnaces
  • custom mob spawner
  • orespawn
  • grim3212 core
  • lamp posts
  • modular powersuits addons
mods replaced:
  • minepainter replaced with davincing(same mod being continued under different name)  you'll lose any old progress with it
  • qmx verion of modular powersuits with latest official build
  • magical crops switched to public beta 3, you'll have to redo any magical crop farms
mods added:
  • adventure backpack
  • animals plus 1.2
  • fairy lights
  • fossils & archeology revival
  • garden stuff
  • morph
  • randon things
  • thaumic horizons
  • witchery
  • ztones
updated a bunch.
thank you olli

download raw files here :
or wait for Rebound to update technic pack
had to update pack cus something got mixed up
Technic Launcher has the updated pack, with a successful launch and connection. Let me know if anyone who connects through there has issues.

There goes my farm and apple trees
sorry Sad
update makes you just have to redo it 
if you had a whole bunch, we can replace your apple harvest
i got onto the sever and something start dmging me until like 1 heart then i got disconnecting with the msg flying is not allowed on the sever or something. 
When i log back it all items are gone :C
thats unusual - you should never get that message on the Modded server.
What would me me lose all my items though
what did you see on your screen
As soon as i logged in i was taking dmg so i started to fly up and got disconnected around 1 hp with tat msg. When i relogged i lost all items and fell in water.

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