Poll: for the modded server should we:
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use current world
2 33.33%
create new world
4 66.67%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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*+* Team Cream Minecraft Modded Server *+*
So the servers been a little dead. Sorry. 

Gonna try to defib it with some mods. 

Will be adding them tomorrow night around this time. 
(unless asked for an extension)

In the meantime, download Forge. I will provide the "modpack" download. 


after some consideration (thanks sandman for voting) we'll be starting off with a new seed. 
at some point in the future, we can have 2 mc servers running, but considering mods will mess up a few things on the current world, it will be better to start fresh.

any newcomers make sure to join steam group! 

I didn't see it earlier D: But also I approve, with the mods, we'll need new chunks loaded anyways. Most people would end up moving off somewhere further away. 

Any hints on the possible mods?
We have space mod, twilight forest, thaumcraft, bunch of animals and monsters plus more
It's ready now, I just wanted to rewrite the installation guide. 
Will be posting with link to download modpack and forge and installation guide in a few minutes.

currently installing a world border as olli and i decided that we dont want the server crashing with a whole lotta chunks loading
this can always be increased later on

DOWLOAD MOD AND FORGE HERE EVERYTHING YOU NEED (besides Minecraft.exe) is in here!!!!


who is marquana??
i noticed ur having trouble joining.
i will help!

In case it was not made clear in the guide...

this is what your .minecraft should loook like http://gyazo.com/1f429d8671ac7f8708459d285c7c8d5d

this what your mods folder should look like http://gyazo.com/68f979ef28aafc0bb1e25939e533d2a9
whats the new address?
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
same as old one
its on our servers page
can't connect no mores.
can't figure out why neither :/
Hi mango. We switched to mods, however, there will be a second minecraft server just like the one you were building on the other night. 
That should be up by tonight.

But if you want to join the modded minecraft server, the instructions are in the download in that mediafire link.
I got the pack togther for tekkit, have some testing I need to do and will smooth out tomorrow. In the mean time, check out some of the images I made for it.
 [Image: udP5VVu.png] (50x50 thumbnail)
[Image: v8pUrNs.png](Title image)
[Image: GOqqa4v.png](background image)
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
When downloading the tekkit pack, it says a file called dropbox will not download. D____D
Can someone post the full list of mods and versions for us non pc users? .rars cant be dowloaded for mac.
(06-27-2015, 04:11 PM)Marquarb Wrote: When downloading the tekkit pack, it says a file called dropbox will not download. D____D

Dropbox is where I'm hosting the file from. I'm ironing out the kinks still, I'll post when I've been able to successfully download it.
Btw thank you rebound. I realize getting into the server the way it is now might be annyoing. if you can make it easier or simpler in any way that would be super. 

The server is really cool. I dont like mods and i get so frustrated when my minecraft doesnt work, but its worth it. theres so much to do and i discover something new everytime i play.
Mod List:

- Applied Energistics 2
- Baubles Mod
- BiblioCraft
- BiblioWoods [Biomes O' Plenty]
- BiblioWoods [Forestry]
- BiblioWoods [Natura]
- Big Reactors
- Bimones O' Plenty
- Carpenter's Blocks
- Chisel2
- CodeChickenCore
- CodeChickenLib
- CoFHCore
- Compact Machines
- Custom Mob Spawner
- Decocraft
- Dimensional Anchor
- Draconic Evolution
- DrZhark's MoCreatures Mod
- EnderIO
- EnderStorage
- EnderTech
- EnderZoo
- Extrautilities
- Fan's Mod
- Forestry
- GlacticraftCore
- GalacticcraftPlanets
- Grim3212
- Hats
- HatStand
- iChunUtil
- Immibis-Core
- Iron Chest
- LampPosts
- MagicalCrops
- Mantle
- Mekanism
- MekanismGenerators
- MekanismTools
- mfm
- MicdoodleCore
- MineFactoryReloaded
- MinePainter Mod
- MrCrayfishFurnitureMod
- Mytcraft
- Natura
- Oceancraft
- Openblocks
- OpenModsLib
- Orespawn
- Pam's HarvestCraft
- Practicalities
- Tinkers Construct
- TF2 Crates
- Thaumcraft
- Thaumic Energistics
- Thaumic Tinker
- The Kitchen Mod
- Thermal Expansion
- Thermal Foundation
- TLH PoeCore
- TMechWorks
- Twilight Forest
- UniversalCoins
All these mods and not a single dinosaur to be seen. I am disappoint.
[Image: u48aShj.png]
there are dinosaurs....but theres also this
Hey guys, got the download through Technic Launcher up and working.

To find the pack, go to the search bar and type "TC Creampack"

You should see the images I posted above, and just click install! It takes a bit the first time, works like a champ!

EDIT: I have to reupload it, give me like 30 minutes

EDIT 2: The Pack is loaded up, and ready. Downloaded just now to test once more, works like a champ. Enjoy!

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