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Tomorrow I'll be updating the pack with the recommended client side mods that were in the original package of Mauii's and Olli's. Mods include;

Journey Maps
and I added Inventory Tweaks.

Should be ready to download tomorrow sometime around 4pm.
Hey just a shout that rebound has worked hard to get that technic pack working for easier access to our new server!

So give it a try if the old way was too complicated.

Catch up, Mehhat is already in space or mars or something.
> Modpack is updated on the technic launcher.

> Plan on making a video for both installations processes, and a write up. The modpack's direct download is being hosted on the Team Cream website thanks to Bob! Just have to get the updated version to him.

> Plan on doing a quick write up of some of the mods for the modpack's "showcase" page.

> Possibly collect some good youtube tutorials on some of the mods for the "showcase" page as well. 

Happy Crafting
MehHat is going straight for Uranus if his big black rocketship would fuel!
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[Image: giphy.gif]

@"Tsnkgamer [TC}" 

mehhat halped Big Grin
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
We have a new player on the server! His Minecraft username is Vlad755, but has played on the Goldrush server under the alias Epic_. Give him a quick hello if you see him!
Ive noticed him Smile
I don't play Minecraft, but I do appreciate your hard work.  Rebound has been a great asset to Team Cream.  He always looks for ways to improve our servers so that we are the first choice for others.
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