meet slurzen, the annoying spy who is really into having fun!
hey TC! i am Slurzen and I used to play in the FP servers. i have moved on and decieded to play in Team Cream. I like the way they work, (their pretty cool) the admins are really helpful, the members are kind, and the goldrush server has always a staggering amount of teamwork which i love! i think TC will be my main server for a really long time.

a little about myself: i am a spy main with about 230 hours and I love to collect spy stranges, genuines etc. i have a ugc experience and i am soon going in to silver. Big Grin i also have a youtube channel where i post my spy frags, montages. its pretty neat!

i am going to play on the goldrush server more reguarly now, so if i see you, make sure to say hello before i do! Tongue
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thanks, i hope i have a blast here
waddup yo
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"+0 for now" - SwagJuice [TC] AKA "The One"
I've  seen you around on the goldrush server,  you've got a great spy. I'll have fun hunting to the ends of the earth Big Grin
oh you playing pyro makes me sick! i just wanna break my computer

nm homie @swagjuice
He spoke to me tonight and I realized he's friends with one of my best friends (Limpwhip) that plays on FP server.  I also remember playing with him on their Dustbowl server.  Very glad to see him want to participate in our server.  Now we just need to get Limpy to come to the Dark Side. Wink
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yeh, i hope i get to crush his huo long heater. same with anyone else Wink
Always happy to see new regulars. Tongue
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thanks @dSmn Big Grin
Hello there! Don't think I've seen you around yet but I look forward to start playing with you! Smile Hope you like it around here!
(04-05-2015, 05:39 PM)swagjuice Wrote: waddup yo

(04-06-2015, 12:22 AM)Helgaze Wrote: Hello there! Don't think I've seen you around yet but I look forward to start playing with you! Smile Hope you like it around here!

i like it around here. no... take that back. i LOVE it around here!! hope to see you soon!
@Slurzen is wicked fun to play with.  Don't think I saw you today, bro.  Catch you tomorrow. Tongue
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@.dsmn thanks alot! ur a sick sniper, i'm going to goldrush right now Big Grin
Slowly and surely, we are taking FP....
lol, sorry for the inactivity. i was on vacation and somehow my friends list wiped out. don't worry i am back. if you got a friend request, be sure to accept it! see you all at goldrush! Big Grin 

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