Share Your Funny Screenshots
I didn't see a thread for it already, and I had some doozies to share with you guys. Most of them are chat based.

Grim and I had an argument based around homonyms (He was actually trying to find Stari a desert. We didn't plan this).
[Image: bAb3Fd4.png]

We had a hard time finding squids so we tried some bait.

[Image: u2pVpFG.png]

We were having a discussion about pixar films.

[Image: jlNp2bV.png]

And my personal favourite, Stari's problem with moobs* that she accidentally divulged while we chased a cat for grim that ended up committing suicide rather than living with him.

[Image: TQ3EMP8.png]
The time Mauii thought È =  Heart

[Image: Y8uXDD3.png]
[Image: e2586d828fb182c29900eb691b31ca02.png]

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