3/15/2015 changes to the server
Hello all ~

So over the past two days ive been playing around with stuff with olli's help, some of it worked...some of it needed tweaking, but im happy and triumphant to say that i have everything sorted so i thought id make a list of things that have changed to keep you up to date. Please also feel extremely welcome and encouraged to post replies on what you think of the new changes. Now that I have it sorted, I can easily change it back. 


- Wither Block Damage is ON

- Creeper Block Damage is OFF

- Endermen Block Theft is ON

- Lava placement and spread is ON

- TNT placement and block damage is ON

Note: I realize these can create damage, so here is my disclaimer: Misuse of Block Damage (wither, TNT, lava) will cause temporary bans and extended jail times. If there is more than one occasion of abuse, permissions will be turned off and everyone will lose access. Think before you place TNT, lava, or set up a wither, abuse by one will ruin it for everyone. (you can set districts to disallow block placement, so you have some measure of protection from others)

- teleport cooldown : 25 seconds

- teleport delay : 5 seconds

- teleport invulnerability : 10 seconds

Note: Teleport safety has been turned off. This means if you are about to tp back into lava, danger, etc... it will not tp you to the next safest spot. This is to prevent exploits such as tp-ing to the top of the nether etc. However, you may have to re-set your home or back from your last login. Which leads me to:

- You can now have TWO /homes. 

Note: It seemed a few people were favorable to this, and if you don't need/want it, don't use it. Command example : /sethome downstairs & /sethome upstairs..../home downstairs & /home upstairs (these are mine btw)

- To create a lockette protected chest, instead of simply placing a sign on a chest, you must now type in [private] and hit enter. This is to allow more customization of sign on chest use. 

Other Things To Be Known: 

- You are set to "AFK" after 5 minutes (you are vulnerable during this afk time so beware)

- The Skeleton King Plugin (MythicMobs) has been removed
- InfernalMobs has been added with more variety of mobs and a plethora of drops

- There is a plugin loaded called EnchantedFurnace, which allows you to enchant a furnace for special effects just like a weapon

- Zombies can break down doors (don't know if this is a change...)

Ok so thats about it. Thank you for reading. Comment below with thoughts, questions, or objections. 

Due to ... feedback on these changes...

New update on restart will be in place at 6am on 3/16/2015.

-tp delay removed
-tp cooldown 10 seconds
-tp safety back on
So my little brother went to the end and I started grinding endermen. I later left to play tf2 for a bit. Then logged and falling in the void, I tried to ./home but realized it was disabled in the end.... If there is anyway to re-get my items or give me some sorta refund. I believe I had the maxed out emerald sword, king skeleton sword, a pick with efficiency 4 - fortune 3, and  a bow with power 3, infinity 1,  unbreaking 3.

Kick your brother's teeth in pls
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
No more skelly king for easy swords ;_;
 the current changes aren't so bad once you get used to them. Just kill the wither twice, and you can get the OP sword from spawn. Or just repair the current swords you have.
(03-17-2015, 06:09 AM)Gekido Wrote:  the current changes aren't so bad once you get used to them. Just kill the wither twice, and you can get the OP sword from spawn. Or just repair the current swords you have.

Jeez, gek a room.
Sorry for being afk from minecraft. Will be back on tomorrow to deal with whatever. Also, get ready for event night : minigames!!!

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