how to use the minecraft suggestion box ♥♥
Team Cream hosts an adult community for people to play and have fun. 
In keeping with that, our minecraft server will be tailored to the needs and 
desires of it's community to create and maintain an enjoyable server. 

I am encouraging both Team Cream members and regulars to the server 
to add suggestions to this forum in any way you would like. 
These suggestions can fall under categories including:
      -improvements to the existing server/plugins
      -ideas for the future
      -things you would like to see
      -possibilities for event/game nights. 

Try to keep this forum minecraft relevant and as logically organized as possible. 
Please do not be offended if your threads are moved around to preserve a neat and navigable environment! ♥

Although there might be a few suggestions that don't make it in, 
post anything you'd like in the Team Cream Minecraft Suggestion Box!!!

♥Keep calm and .... Mine on...?♥


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