Public Build Ideas
hey guys, so im making this thread for those of you that have any suggestions in regards to what you think the server should have as far as buildings go!

**Currently we are trying to get pvp arenas in the works, so any suggestions are super appreciated**
 p.s: dont be shy, the system will be able to have more than one pvp arena, so anything that comes to mind is welcomed with open arms Big Grin

Currently, im thinking scale goldrush (as requested) and another map which incorporates basic parkour skills :3
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
Horse Races, and a series of maps for races.
Well, I might as well post all of the public projects I've done/planned for the server:
  • Roads to any base that wants them (well underway)
  • Two rail systems: long-distance travel via the Nether and short-distance from Nether portals/hubs to bases that are close together.
  • Public marketplace (planned)
  • Widening the river around spawn to become navigable (pretty much complete)
  • XP grinders (one completed, another under construction; several more planned)
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