Meet The Fire Starter, Arsonist
Well sorry to break it to ya, but I've never started an unsupervised or non-safely started fire. Oops! 
But put me in front of a lit fire place or bon fire and, if I had nothing in the world to do, I would stare at it for hours probably. : p

But hey everyone, my name is Nicole!

I fell in love with video games back when I was a child, watching my father play Counter Strike, Doom, and Half Life (no wonder I love horror games and movies!!) back in the day on the PC. Sadly, the only other things I've had for games besides a PC are the Xbox 360 (white & black version) and a Gameboy Advance SP. Didn't even know about old school consoles until I was older-- what a shame! But I still love exploring old and new games all the same. (: Feel free to recommend me some "classics" I probably have missed out on playing. I spent a lot-- a lot-- of my time on YouTube watching game play-throughs.

As far as personal info: I am currently a college student, and I am writing this in my 3rd of 5 planned years of college. Studying art [photography & intermedia art] as my major and technical theatre (the behind-the-scenes work) as my minor & I love both! I love anything to do with art, though. Painting, photography, drawing, graphic design, interior design, and tattoo design are just a few of my most favorite types of artistic expression. Currently I am just pretty much just getting through college as successfully as I can (I am very "get an A" oriented and don't try to b.s. my way through classes-- I love to learn), I am studying art abroad in the 2015 summer in Italy, and after college I just wanna do something with art/creativity/behind-the-scenes. Not quite sure where life will lead me but I'm open to a lot! 

I love making friends, even if I can be easily annoyed by incompetence, but if you have common sense, respect, and are genuine in yourself & your interests, then I'd love to get to know you. I am totally open to new friendships if it is reciprocated so don't hesitate to chat with me. I'll give you my time & would love to get to know ya. (: 

Hmm, nothing else very interesting. I have a past, but I feel like only my current college life and onward is worth mentioning here. So that's about all for now! Hope to get to talking to more of the TC community, ya guys & gals are pretty cool.

Take care, all!

 -- Nicole, your loving _arsonist_

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