Poll: what kind of MC server do you want
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15 60.00%
6 24.00%
Total 25 vote(s) 100%
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*+* Team Cream Minecraft Plugin Server *+*
So its maybe on the way sorta yay thanks Cream. But yeah, just want to get a quick poll.....

Vanilla (default)

Plugins (few things like world edit, shops, /home, etc...)

Modded (changes gameplay - adds new objects, etc...)

More info to come in this thread, so keep an eye on it!
vanilla(in my opinion) took a major multiplayer downfall because the entire staff of bukkit left, so the 1.8 update fell remarkably short
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yeah we're using spigot with some plugins at the moment.
im pretty sure no ones going to choose plain ol' vanilla cream, but i put the option up. 
Is there like a story to this game? or do you just kind of do your own thing?
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its sandbox/survival
its essentially terraria but with a Z axis
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
I accidentally chose vanilla, but my real vote would go for plugins.
I'd have to say Vanilla but that's because from experience, mods and plugins are just... annoying and problematic. It might just be me who's a total moron when it comes to installing them but it seems everytime I try (tried a lot of mods, tekkit, bukkit, Minecraft DayZ mod, hatfilms and so on) it just won't work.

Unless someone here can refer to guides for the plugins or mods used on the server or can make their own I'm gonna vote for Vanilla.
well those are slightly different mods but i understand what youre saying. 

right now we're running simple plugins to enhance vanilla, and they are all server side, so you dont have to do anything but join up and start punching trees. 

however, just cause we're running plugins does not mean we always will. 

still would like feedback Smile
I also voted wrong. I voted Modded, as I assumed it was for a "mod" style where you have someone watching the server here and there to stop griefers. I would like to see vanilla. Something that is fun about that game is mining up ore that you want to use for a building. Its no fun just quickly making stuff and being able to fly. It takes (While this sounds stupid) some of the skill out of the game if you can just fly around and build without having to think about ladders or steps. Etc. 
I voted vanilla cause I think that's all I can run.
well, you see what you describe optimus, is playing in creative mode, which wouldnt be allowed in any of the choices. 

So - right now we are running vanilla - which means no added materials, blocks, or gameplay than is in default minecraft. 

The only changes to that is a few rudimentary plugins - some of them for admin use only, and such things as /home (allows you to teleport to your base), and a shop mod, so you can buy items at spawn if you so desire. 
These plugins only accentuate vanilla gameplay, and if you so choose, you dont have to use them. 

The server is open for playing, if you so wish. Simply join in and you will be placed in our spawn area. You may, from there, venture out into an untouched world and begin your adventure!!!

Server IP : tcminecraft.game.nfoservers.com:25565

[Image: ZpKYcel.png]

(Thanks to Mehhat, Mauiihan, and olli for designing and building the spawn area)
minecraft.team-cream.com:25565 should also work.
Wow I don't know anything about Minecraft but that picture looks awesome

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So...who's going to start building a 1:1 replica of goldrush? I kind of want to.
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oh god thats a great idea holy butts
damn I'm tempted to buy the game lol
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Looks like you guys did great. I might even check it out

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Wow indeed it's shockingly amazing. Great job everyone 
I haven't played in so long...I don't remember my login info D:
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Awesome picture! Might swing by. I think it could be fun to rise a statue of some sort with a TC tag on in honor of Cream.

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