Poll: what kind of MC server do you want
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*+* Team Cream Minecraft Plugin Server *+*
The dynamic map is loaded up with a modded world, on 1.7.10
Hey Optimus thanks for your interest, we have 2 minecraft servers right now a modded one and a soon-to-be-plugin one. 

I would have switched the 2nd one over to the old world/plugins/etc but some people have been playing on it and i wanted them to have their fun.

The plugin server will be the same one we've had up for months, reverted to ez mode.

Modded server will be a step up from that - both on possibility and hardness levels. so gg.
So I'm kinda thinking that I'll make a video on how to install the mods n what not, but I'd like to do an event with mods, seems like it would be fun. I may look into mods we can use to incorporate into a mini game Smile

Also, are either mauii or ill I opposed to adding different mods here and there into the game? I think it would be nice to have the mod pack shaped for the community. Granted the mod pack is already amazing as it is :3
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
^^100% on board with this 

if anyone has questions, suggestions, or requests, let em fly.
Competitive skyblock/modded skyblock what ever it is called. Build the quickest, try to take everyone else out. Last man standing format
Alright so pushing past my laziness and my obligation to leaving the vanilla server up for Kbred, Chesh, and co. to play on, Plugin server is back online the way it was 1-2 weeks ago. It took a bit of hassling, and about 50 emails sent to Cream about crashing (sorry), but we're good. Same plugins, same map, etc etc.

As a side note, Kbred, Chesh, and co., I did save your world that you were playing on. My intention is to make a 2nd world within the plugin server in which you can TP to and play in creative on that world. So, you didn't lose your creations Smile

TL;DR PLUGIN SERVER BACK UP WITH OLD MAP  (IP : minecraft2.team-cream.com:25565)
Server will be back on ez mode with tps out of nether, multiple /sethomes and god mode when afk (etc.)

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