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Butts is a very important topic, it must be announced server wide... Stop trying the keep all this valuable information away from the regulars, Mauii!
I've completed the first of several community projects: the Skeleton XP grinder.

It features a drop trap that injures skeletons from a nearby dungeon to one-hit kills. While waiting, you can fish and brew potions with a convenient view of your prey. After you've gathered some XP, spend it at the nearby enchanting table and anvil. Want to go to the Nether? There's a portal nearby that can be turned off/on with two hits of a button!

To get to the grinder, travel south from spawn and find signs alongside the road for 'XP Grinder'. A small hut with a ladder will lead you down to the staircase. You can also take the subway from my home, Moey's house or the mountain and get off at MisterBubbles' stop.

[Image: sdYusm2.png]

[Image: 73KYnop.png]
[Image: 29199_101.png]
Question: now that I know I can connect and run it, is there anyone on the server that does fishing?

I was thinking of setting up a small shop (my literal hole in the wall home) for fishing.  I wouldn't want to take away from anyone if they are doing so.  Heh, what can I say, I run a simple life.
Nope! I don't think anyone on the server is doing fishing, so I think you're Gucci!
If you can get some McMMO levels and a nice rod, I'm pretty sure there is a market out there for puffer fish.
Two ideas for the server:

First, give Minecraft its own section on this forum, similar to how TF2 has its own section. There's enough players to justify it.

Second, start a "Build of the Month" competition with several categories (e.g. Most Aesthetic, Most Functional, Most Fun) and reward the winners with a small in-game prize (a diamond or some worthless gold).
[Image: 29199_101.png]
I like both your ideas sounder, and they are underway into reality
So where is everyone at with Minecraft and the server?
I still get on quite often (pretty much every morning) while I'm eating breakfast before work. My project is going slow because it involves so much damn clearing of mountains
My play time has gone down a lot, too busy lately. 
I'm pretty sure minecraft was a flavor of the week kind of thing and is now dead.
Big flare up and down.
For me i get into minecraft moods where its either ALL i play or NONE of what i play. 
dont know if its the same for others. 
Its still completely there and there is a minigame we could do if anyone wants to get back into it.
I get on and off. 10/10 will get into it eventually.
For me, I have spent sooo much time playing Minecraft already, that I've been getting burnt out easier and easier. I started playing in Beta 1.6, which was released nearly 4 years ago, and have logged a lot of time playing that game in those years. Usually once I have everything and am in the middle of some large build I will burn out since I don't really want to finish the build... 
thats how it is
nice having it though
Do you think we could add mods to keep things fresh?
Minecraft servers can switch around a lot. I think we should save the world file and play with a few other ideas like mod pack or heavy plugin. Just a thought. For those that wish to continue a build for the  (short) while that we are testing, we could set up a download file for the map on the forums?

Also, I will be out and about on TC servers tonight, so if anyone would like to work with me to build some public things (like pvp), it may help to revive the minecraft server.

Also to mauii... Is there a status to posting server ip to minecraft websites? It may help us out as far as expanding our community and donations go!
[Image: ghhz58K.png]
On board with trying out mods
In regards to trying out mods, are we going to do mod packs or put in our own mods?

We should also possibly put up another vote thread?

Also, what is everyone's idea of doing an Ultra Hardcore Match? Would work pretty well as both an event and a cushion when switching between the servers.
So, what happened to the server? I can see the dynamic map and things changed. But, I can't log into the server.

edit: Looks like my game is 1.8 and the server is 1.7. I'll figure a way to get on at some point.

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