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TC 24/7 Hightower Server

Accused of aimbot? I think? It wasn't specified on screen

Been playing on the hightower server for a while now, like around a year and a half, I mostly played on it under the alias TuffMcGruff before I took a break, Im just stating that since some people may recognize me. I've been accused of cheating before, but by youngins on Minecraft servers a long time ago. I think people get the idea of me cheating because I flick, especially when sniping, which makes my aim inconsistent as hell, so when I 'pop off' sort of speak, I look like I just toggled aimhacks. Anyways, Team Cream Hightower is like the only server I play(ed) on TF2 hence why Im in position like 159 (not tooting my own horn)

moose pls

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