Pending Openscript actually bans you. Wow.
Name: TheLazyCWriter
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441668761
Server IP:
Reason: I tested SMAC... Sorta.

I was told by someone that if you type "setinfo 0penscript 1" in console on a server with SMAC - that you would get insta banned.
... Being the genius I am, I decided to test it on a server I never play on!
... He was right! :'D
"Openscript" isn't even a thing in TF2 (afaik), so why SMAC would check it in this game, is kinda odd.

But nevertheless, I'd like to be unbanned, but getting unbanned isn't a high priority for me.
I did test something I shouldn't have, and so getting banned was a part of the equation, so if you just wanna let me stay banned, that is fine too. Did ask for it  Big Grin

(P.S, I don't know what prefix I should use, Not a naitive English speaker... Pls don't blame me for picking the wrong one)
I've been ignored ;~;
Hi Lazy, SMAC checks for a bunch of variables that are set by hacking scripts, that's one of them, or use to be.

I'll vote to unban you, but I'm not very active anymore so I'll wait for another vote first.

Moral of the story, SMAC works Smile

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