Pending Openscript actually bans you. Wow.
Name: TheLazyCWriter
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441668761
Server IP:
Reason: I tested SMAC... Sorta.

I was told by someone that if you type "setinfo 0penscript 1" in console on a server with SMAC - that you would get insta banned.
... Being the genius I am, I decided to test it on a server I never play on!
... He was right! :'D
"Openscript" isn't even a thing in TF2 (afaik), so why SMAC would check it in this game, is kinda odd.

But nevertheless, I'd like to be unbanned, but getting unbanned isn't a high priority for me.
I did test something I shouldn't have, and so getting banned was a part of the equation, so if you just wanna let me stay banned, that is fine too. Did ask for it  Big Grin

(P.S, I don't know what prefix I should use, Not a naitive English speaker... Pls don't blame me for picking the wrong one)
I've been ignored ;~;

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