Pending Membership
Rules and Community Info:
  • Do you agree with our server rules? Yes I do!
  • Will you seed our game servers when able? Of course!
  • Have you connected to our Discord? Yes, just joined!
  • Did a [TC] member refer you, and if so, who? Moosekahuna did  a while back, and i'm just now getting to it.
  • How did you find us? I used to drift from hightower to hightower, and I found people I mostly liked here.
  • Which TC server do you play on the most? Hightower
Player Information (fill in all that apply):
  • Steam ID  ():
  • Battlenet Tag: N/A
  • Any other game IDs that you'd like to share (such as Riot, Relic, Epic)? No
  • Your Age: 14
  • Do you use voice communication? Long story short, I can only connect my headset to my phone, so only through discord.
Gaming Information:

We play a large variety of games, including but not limited to Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Age of Empires II, Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament, league of Legends, etc.
What games do you like to play? mainly bethesda rpgs and sometimes I play portal
Have you played on any of our servers? All of the tf2 servers at least once, although I primarily play in the hightower.
What games are you interested in trying out? Skyrim, Fallout 2, any Tomb Raider.
Tell us some good experiences you've had as part of the Team Cream community:
 One time some idiot named rawr was calling everyone racial slurs, and moose banned him. that was funny. another thing is that I met my friend who changes names a lot, but is currently known as prey. 

Team Cream members are held to a high standard as they represent the community and are involved in the decision process for the direction that we, as a team, move towards. As such, involvement, activity and following the community rules are requirements for membership.
Tell us a bit about your previous/current community involvement: I play on here when I can and I message moose when someones breaking the rules.
What fun memories do you have with Team Cream? My conversations with moose, playing alone at 5 A.M. just to rocket jump around, just little things like that.
Why do you want to be a member? Well, I just want to show everyone that I want to be more involved in the community. Also, in discord I loathe being a whitename.

Feedback and Additional Information:
  • Do you have any other feedback about our community to give? Basically, keep doing a good job guys! Maybe you could replace the dead dodgeball server with a server that would get some traffic, like a 2fort or sawmill server.
  • Any other info we should know before considering your application? I am currently friended with Moosekahuna, so he can vouch for me!
Hey Micah, glad you’ve stuck around and enjoy it here! Stop by the discord and talk to us, then we can get to know you better!

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