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Aight so... I got banned from the TC discord. I have no idea why I was, I was just posting memes and having a good time with the other people around. Then suddenly loose connection from the discord server. I try to join back and apparently I was banned. I have no idea why, and didn't get any explanation. I looked through the rules and I wasn't breaking any of them. If I ignored admins, I had no idea. There wasn't any pings to say "Hey, stop that." No warnings, or any pings toward me to cut it out. If I could get an explanation of why I was banned at the very least, it would be much appreciated.

Thank ya,

Smol Sheppy Boi
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hey sheeps i know this is late getting back to this, but just want to make a better  paper trail
it was only a temp ban (i think for less than 24 hours) due to what you were posting. i explained it in discord but will repost here for the sake of the thread

[Image: 41b1271216.png]

[Image: b03eb2e7c6.jpg]

thank you for following through with the discord unban ~~

since you claim you had no idea why you were banned, ill give you the benefit of the doubt that you didnt see me say "no anime" multiple times, and also kick you for the reason "no anime" and then, upon your return you kept posting anime in general chat. ill just assume you didnt see any of that, but the ban has long since been revoked.
hears "no anime" 

posts anime

why was i banned
Don't @ me.
N O  A N I M E.
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