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Accepted I want to become a member!
Rules and Community Info:
  • Do you agree with our server rules? Yes, of course
  • Will you seed our game servers when able? Yes, I love TC servers, they are my favorite TF2 servers.
  • Have you connected to our Discord? Yes, my name is christian in the discord as well.
  • Did a [TC] member refer you, and if so, who? Yes. My friend Senator/Thanatos/ALEX recently became a member and my very good friend Philip is an admin on TC servers.
  • How did you find us? I found you through my friend Phil.
  • Which TC server do you play on the most? I play on TC Hightower the most.
Player Information (fill in all that apply):
  • Steam ID  (required, STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX): STEAM_1:1:56312246
  • Battlenet Tag: chriiissss#1637
  • Any other game IDs that you'd like to share (such as Riot, Relic, Epic)? LoL username: boarderp
  • Your Age: 19
  • Do you use voice communication? Yes
Gaming Information:

We play a large variety of games, including but not limited to Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Age of Empires II, Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament, league of Legends, etc.
What games do you like to play? I play TF2, Overwatch, Dark Souls, ESO, PoE, Warframe, Killing Floor 2, L4D2, Payday 2, Borderlands, HotS, and League of Legends (sometimes).
Have you played on any of our servers? Yes, I play on the Hightower server relatively often.
What games are you interested in trying out? I'm interested in trying out anything a friend suggests to me Smile
Tell us some good experiences you've had as part of the Team Cream community:

I have had some great times on the Hightower server playing with my friends. I really enjoy the quality of the players on that server. I enjoy hearing a lot of the goofy conversations that happen on the voice chat on that server, and the things people say. I REALLY like that server because it has no crits (I HATE random crits >Sad ). Some of the memes people like to post in the Discord are very entertaining and I enjoy lurking in the #memes channel when I'm bored in class (don't tell my mom, pls). People in that Discord server are very friendly. I remember the time Sandman got really drunk and said a really offensive word in the #general chat and then when I typed a message @Sandman I got banned from the discord. Fortunately, Mauii helped me out of that jam and I'm back in the server. 

Team Cream members are held to a high standard as they represent the community and are involved in the decision process for the direction that we, as a team, move towards. As such, involvement, activity and following the community rules are requirements for membership.
Tell us a bit about your previous/current community involvement:

When I first started playing TF2 I was a member of a community known as the Mindless Server where I eventually took on a roll as an admin and helped manage the server as the owner planned to join the military. That server eventually lost a large amount of its playerbase and I moved on to another server. Eventually I played on a new community server on the same memey Minecraft map and became an admin on a community TF2 server called Sexy Phil's Sexy Server (take a guess who owned that!) around 3 or 4 years ago. That server was a fun time and some of the members of our community have stuck together through thick and thin and found our way to Team Cream. It seems like a good fit: a server with no crits and a map where people primarily play for deathmatch. I like to join the Hightower server sometimes and I enjoy seeing the weird posts in the Discord server.

What fun memories do you have with Team Cream? 

You can look above in the "Tell us some good experiences you've had as part of the Team Cream community:" section to see my fun memories with Team Cream. I guess to reiterate, I have a lot of fun playing on the TF2 server, like the time Mauii came on and my friend Senator challenged her to play a round on the dodgeball server and we all moved to that one to spectate the 1v1.

Why do you want to be a member?

I want to be a member because "all my friends are joining and I want to be part of the cool kids club". I want to be able to represent how much I enjoy this community and possibly bring others to come join in the fun!

Feedback and Additional Information:
  • Do you have any other feedback about our community to give?
  • Any other info we should know before considering your application? I really do enjoy interacting with this community, even if it seems like I do so somewhat irregularly.
Quote:good friendly trader
christian is a solid lad, ive played with him both in and out of the TC realm. hes a staple on tc hightower, and would mesh well with our current member base.
christian has played with me a few times, he's a great guy +1

I don't think christian or any of the party hat clan likes me. +1.
(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)
accepted under support from admins
contingent on being a positive influence in the community Smile

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