Rejected pls unmute me

i think hightower insta respawn .

"admin disrespect and general toxicity"

i was "comm baned"  or muted for 1 week . i feel as if i should be unmuted now bc  theres no evidence to show me being "toxic"  and or "admin disrespect" at the time of this comm mute infact no admins where on  during my time there . [nert showed up 2 mins before i left but didn't see much]
i have evidence, but i dont want to publicly share your personal chat logs with admins without your consent.
So phantom said he didnt want me to publicly share his personal chat logs with admins publicly, so I will not. But I still want to make a public statement on this. 

Phantom has a had a bumpy ride with the TC admins in his 2 or so months of playtime. He has consistently been rude, entitled, and downright insulting to almost every single one, in and out of the server. Additionally, non admins, such as regulars and other members have given testimonies of him not being a nice guy in the server. Reading through his server chat log, as well as other PMs to different admins, I have decided to uphold this comm ban. 

Additionally, I will be enforcing a permaban on him. He has drawn attention to himself with his attitude and with his comm ban, and the more I looked into everything, and compiled everything, the more I realized how many server rules he actually broke. 

advertising hacks : he uses the "get good get lmaobox" bind in game countless times. i even gave him the benefit of warning him in game 2x about how that is against our rules and will result in a permaban, to which he replied "i dont care im going to keep using it" and he did keep using it, as recently as march 12th
disrespecting admins : he has done this in multiple pms via steam or discord. i have warned him about his tone with admins about 3+ times, and he has obviously not taken this advice to heart, as his behavior has not changed. between name calling and just his general entitled behavior with my admins, im done with it
disrespect towards community : whenever he has a problem, he openly talks about it in server, to other players, and it is inappropriate. he will bash the community and admins to others, even if he is the one at fault. he even went so far as to threaten a DDOS against our server

i dont like making this decision, but i feel we have given phantom a wide berth and allowed him to get away with this behavior for a while. he has gone through all our hightower admins and tired them out with his behavior, and on top of that continually broken rules. 

originally, the temporary in game mute, was just in result of one conversation, but now looking over the whole situation, this is my decision. 

you once told me you were all about respect phantom, and how if others disrespect you or your friends, you will take action. well you have disrespected me, my community, and my friends, and this is my action.
This brings pain to me. I personally like him, but reading this now and thinking back on it, I know that he did break these rules. Or at least the advertising hacks rule. I personally don't believe this ban should be permanent but I don't stand against enforcing the server rules. I would like to mention though that he's not the only one who has been disrespectful towards the community, but he's the only one who has received this harsh a punishment for it. Thank you for your time.
lol i haven't threatened to "ddos" as i can remember  but if i have it wasn't towards the server  it probs was toward somone who was on the server or such . also i didn't say "ill keep using it" i said " well im sorry but i will keep using bc i forgot how to unbind it . its right beside one of my major keys and i usualy say sorry after  . and a player rydesh once made a joke on how everyone should type it so i did . and as for your admins there kinda garbage at being admins . you yourself have said about  phil " ik what he does and  i know what he does  but im going to keep leting him do it "  and honestly why would i hang around if the server has badmins ? answer me that . and for my"permaban" why tf a perma ban?  its completely un called for and  i would say "unfair" but  i dont like to state the blatent . and i would atleast like a thank you for the "server work " i have done  if your not gona let me back in . again the comunity loves me . 20+ players enjoy me there so tell them im baned they might leave .
of course hes not the only one, but he is one that has drawn attention to himself based off his consistent nonsense against admins. 

and this is the entitled behavior im talking about, even though you were warned about your bind, you didnt bother to take YOUR time to change it off the button. instead its just OOPS i pressed it cause its a major key. thats a BS reason and excuse and not my problem. 

and here you are again saying my admins are garbage. if they were unfair or garbage, they would have banned you the minute you annoyed them. instead, they handled your childish behavior, week after week, patiently. 

like i said before, im glad you liked playing on my server, and im thankful for your calladmins on potential hackers. as for why the permaban, as per our rules, that is the punishment.
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