Rejected please stop banning me
third time
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hey nice to see you on the forums again
admins are on this right now and they'll get an answer for you soon
thank you for your patience
poor tmags
(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)
good server: discuss player, then ban
tc: ban player, then discuss
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i banned you because of footage i collected last night that showed suspicious aiming. we had an internal discussion as admins and decided to keep the ban, but it is your right to appeal the ban and open up a public discussion. i have attached the demo i used to justify the ban.

here are the specific ticks where i saw the most suspicious looking shots:

500- airborne headshot on pyro
5000- two mechanical looking snaps in a row on a pyro followed by a soldier
9250- falling off a ledge and shooting a demoman immediately after landing
15500- after being bounced by the loose cannon, snapping to the demoman's head, hesitating, and seemingly purposefully moving away to miss when the shot is taken
27200- another 180 degree snap to headshot a heavy while falling
30000- headshotting a soldier that surprised you while in a fight with a sniper before dying

feel free to justify any of these shots as your erratic and inconsistent mouse movement implies some sort of aim assist

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This is the appeal to the ban is it not?
My justification is that I don't cheat.

Alright I just viewed the demo.  Nothing is even remotely wrong with any shots recorded.  I really cannot understand how you ban for this
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(02-26-2018, 10:55 PM)Tmags Wrote: good server: discuss player, then ban
tc: ban player, then discuss

this is an inaccurate and stupid statement. 
discussion has happened before all three of your bans.
if you dont want us to discuss after your ban, i can close this thread right now.
The  above demos that were recorded occurred right before the ban.  Unless a proper discussion took place in 3-4 minutes I feel like that's incorrect
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[Image: 00578922fb.png]

notice the dates on back to July 2016. and these aren't even all of them, its just the ones I was sent, or chose to download.

and then

Ban Repeal: False aimbotting accusations

Ban Appeal

i think it's fair to say that there has been a fair amount of discussion involving you before your ban, even outside of the alleged 3-4 mins between the most recent demo and the ban. 

now this doesnt actually have to do with your unban request itself, nor do i really have a dog in this fight, i just wanted to clarify cause i like facts.
As fun as it is to discuss how long it takes to ban me, I'd like to play team fortress 2 on payload race hightower now
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i wasn't discussing how long it takes to ban you. its a matter of a few buttons to do that. very quick actually. i was simply clarifying because you made an allegation against my server that we didnt discuss before your ban, which is unfounded. 

but anyways
ok new allegation against your server: you ban me too often
proof: you have banned me too often
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Other than being a pain, the 2 most outstanding shots in the demo for those too lazy to watch:
drop flick then back onto heavy:

flicks onto demo then adjusts to miss (this one lagged a bit but you get the point):

I really have no way do defend myself other than saying you are not the first person to accuse me of cheating and you will not be the last.  I would hope you reach out to outside sources for an unbiased opinion, but I have no way of forcing this.  

If you really are choosing to keep the ban, then all I can say is goodbye.
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We've decided the footage is incriminating enough to uphold the ban. If we find any proof or evidence that this is incorrect, we will reconsider, but until then the ban will remain.

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