Hello all (notice me JK)
I'm weird as hell if you have played with me then you know how I can so loud I can get. I like to play TF2 with my good friend vegito blue you will see me on the TC hightower sever a lot and I love to play on it. Sometimes I like to play some overwatch that is about it for now. LIke I said I'm weird as hell so if you don't like weird then you are not going to like me then XD. I think I'm nice but idk what people think about me. But that is all you are going to know about me for now XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD Tongue
k then.
HEY recognize you AND vegito i think i have both of you added
s'ok about being loud as long as youre not obnoxious. theres a dif. 

welcome Tongue

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