Rejected Unban request
. My name is shadow my brother the one who got banned call himself " unnamed " but on server the day that he was banned hes name was cristian ( i don't know btw ).
. STEAM_1:1:200154830
. team cream , plr_hightower
. my brother told me he was banned ( btw because of hes ban i can't play either on tc anymore ) because of hacking, he told me that he shot a spy who cloaked and runed in a straight line while invisible and headshot hem so they called hem a hacker.
.i think i should be unbanned because me and my brother played every day on team cream and we have over 3 000 hours on tf2 so why ban us we are good players and people.
So i want to thank you, and your brother, for playing on our server and being Hightower regulars. Secondly, while I understand that you did have to include information about your brothers ban to explain your ban, remember this is a unban request for you, not for him. 

So to explain to everyone, i banned a user under the name "cristian." i had gotten messages from users on the server about his accuracy, shooting spies, etc. i spectated and recorded a demo of him for a few minutes, then banned based on what I saw. A few minutes later, i get messages about shadow being banned and wanting to know why. His account was picked up by sourcesleuth as running on the same IP as cristian. this feature helps prevent banned people from just joining back on another account.

cristian had snappy aim and very clearly aimed over then headshot a cloaked spy on purpose. you then joined on this account 8 mins after the ban and got banned yourself. 

sadly i will not be unbanning you. although i would love to give the benefit of the doubt and believe it really was your brother that was the one hacking, if i unbanned everyone who had a "brother" who did it, it would be very hard to uphold any bans. 

maybe have a talk with your brother about what he's getting up to Wink
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