Poll: What's your goal for TC servers/website
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Let's raise the money for our current system for the next 3 months! ($120)
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Let's raise the money for a smaller package (2 servers) for the next 12 months ($210)
7 87.50%
It's time to let the servers go...
1 12.50%
Idc, here's my money though so we can keep it going either way.
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Donation Goal January 29th
Hello fellow Team Cream community members!

I'm sending this message to all of you, whether it be fringe lurkers, longtime regulars, some OG Team Creamers, or our current members. Team Cream has been at it for about 5 years now, providing you with raffles prizes, fun events, and a website and servers for those things to happen in. However, as Team Fortress 2 has seen some hard times recently, so has our community. 

Looking forwards, we will need to hit a $120 donation goal by January 29th, or we will be forced to shut down our servers and the website. In the past, we have been able to fund our expenses with ad revenue from pinion and donations from viewers players like you. We have stopped running ads of any sort, due to community feedback and problems in the plugins. We will need to call upon you guys now, in our hour of need, to see if you guys want to keep this train going. 

This money pays for :
The website will be $55 on Jan 15th
The servers will be $61 on Jan 30th
The gameme service is $7

If Team Cream has meant anything to you over the past few years, consider donating to keep it going!
You may donate directly to our coffer at 

Send a donation to a NFOservers.com coffer
and please feel free to add a note to let us know who you are (steam name and steamid)

--- An alternate plan would be to go from a 4 core (our current 3 server plan) down to a 2 core, where we would only run 1-2 servers. This plan would be more money up front, $210, but would allow us to keep Hightower and a flex server (currently Harvest) for the next year, with no further payments.
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Thank you for the donations and let's hope that we meet our goal. 

For those of you wondering, the $210 we're raising will be going towards a 2 core unmanaged VDS that will support Hightower and another server (right now its Harvest). 

We will also be going from a PRO plan for our website down to a LITE plan, which will still provide us with all the same amenities, especially since we're using the integrated "Let's Encrypt" SSL within NFO. 

The new package will be running for a full year, no payments needed, if we meet this donation goal. It will be much cheaper and easier to manage, and a much more frugal use of funds. 

We are $80 to our $210 goal. Any amount of donation will help!

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