Giving Thanks to the Community
Hey everybody!

So I posted a really long message on Discord this morning just giving thanks to random community members and Jerk came up with the idea of making it a post on the forums so people can show their thankfulness on a more permanent platform. 

I know the forums aren't used as much, but we can at least make this thread get some attention by just giving thanks to random people in the community. (: 

I'll start with the message I had in discord...

Hey, so I don't do the whole Thanksgiving celebration or meal, but I do know what the day is about so I figured I would give a couple of shoutouts

I'm thankful for TC in general for giving me a place to chill when I'm not stressing over life and education.
I'm thankful for
@ Pent- and @"Notz [TC]"  for carrying me out of gold and into high platinum, maybe diamond one day.
I'm thankful for
@ Mini [TC]  for his constant goofyness and trolling methods.
I'm thankful for
@Isfendil and his endless knowledge of languages and his constant teachings.
I'm thankful for for
@"Apon-"  for being the best meme of TC and someone to talk CoD with.
I'm thankful for
@"Rare Spygineer [TC]"  for being someone to talk Pokemon with.
I'm thankful for
@Jerk [TC] for being a jerk and a nice guy at the same time, which is hard to pull off.
I'm thankful for
@ Tsnkgamer for teaching me that flanking in Overwatch can work maybe 10% of the time.
I'm thankful for
@Monet for being the silent assassin that he is.
And last but certainly not least, I'm thankful for @"mom--"  
for being a great friend/leader of this community and being able to cope with all of us on a daily basis... for the most part.

I'm not really sure how the @'s on the forums work necessarily but I think I figured it out. Just put the @ symbol and start typing what their name is on Steam I believe. 

Let's all be thankful for someone :] <3
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i agree with apon about how the meaning of thanksgiving has sorta gotten commercial and food-centric. i absolutely detest black friday. "hey i know you just spent a whole day being grateful for what you have, but do you know whats even better? literally the next day buying stuff you probably dont need because haha sales." and dont even get me started how they now open a lot of black friday sales ON thanksgiving. 

over the past year or two, ive been noticing that i have a lot more things than i need or use. ive been stopping myself at the register and asking myself, can i live without this? will i actually use this? do i have something already like this that i dont use? we surround ourselves with things and trash and clutter, and it distracts from the beauty of living clean and minimal. 

so that being said, i am thankful for my job that im passionate about and that i have yet to dread going to. i am thankful that i am able to attend classes to further myself in my degree and career. i am thankful that i have a car and a house and a meal on the table everyday, something that automatically puts me in the top percentage of this world. 

i am also thankful for team cream. because even though it has sucked the life force out of my body, distracted me from life priorities, and been a source of frustration at times, it's only here because a bunch of cool people decided that they would put a little bit of themselves out there and make friends and stick around long enough to build relationships.

I am thankful for @SandMan [TC] , @"3DCat tc" , @Jerk [TC] , and @"Notz [TC]"  for being my backup when im not sure what to do. for being there to listen to my rants and my frustrations and helping to keep me straight and fair. they are reasonable and i respect their opinions, even if they challenge my own. 

i am thankful for @Bob1st [TC]  and @Zero  and for the time they have put into this community over the past 5 years. i know its not always easy to find the motivation and time to continue doing this stuff, so i want you to know youre an invaluable part of the community and are responsible for it still being up and running.

i am thankful for @"phil-"  and @Quote , because even though they had some rough beginnings in the community, they decided to stick it out and become a part of it. 

i am thankful for @ car-- , @"Daisies [TC]" , @panda , @"CaptainUndies" , @monet, @bell , @smitley, @Moosekahuna [TeeCee] and any other members or regulars who keep discord a place for conversation, laughs, and discussion. its always nice to be able to check discord at any point and know that people are hanging out and talking. 

i am thankful for @"gucciganggucciganggucciganggucci" (apon) and his ability to switch between memes and seriousness. even through my bashing and harassment, he knows that he's wanted. he has shown a passion for the community in his readiness to get involved in discussion and change any questionable behavior. this kids got a head on his shoulders. 

thank you @"Parsnip"  for letting me get to know you better. i remember hearing the name parsnip in goldrush and thinking pfft i dont really know that guy. thank you for being so ready to just chill and talk and pushing through your hardships to become tc and rejoin the tc community.

to all my overwatch peeps, @ Mini [TC] , @ Pent- , @ Tsnkgamer , @monet, @gaminguy, and whoever else has joined in, thanks for playing with me. i know i can rage, but i love being able to play with friends and trying to do our best or just trying silly stuff. its nice to get to know you guys more. 

and obviously, thanks to the Staff for being around and dedicating their time and critical thinking skills. i appreciate your efforts. 

to the rest of the community, whether youre around everyday, whether youre a lurker, or even if youre not involved much at all. im glad youre part of team cream. you were accepted because we saw something special in you guys. if and whenever youre ready, we'd love to get to know you more. there's lots of ways to get involved, even if its just posting memes!

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