How to effortlessly seed (Hardly any CPU, One Click) [ONLY WORKS FOR GMOD SORRY]
I didn't realize when I made this guide, so I apologize for anyone who wished to do so.

Do you want to seed TC servers, but can't be bothered to start the game, and connect, taking up all your time?
Does your computer heat up and die from the intensity of running a game for hours on end?
Do you want to play other source games, while seeding a TC server?

Well now you can!

By using this method, you'll get a small console window which will basically be the same as the developer console within the game, but won't allow you send commands.
The server will register you being in-game, without you actually having to run the game.
To launch this window, all you have to do is click an icon on your desktop, and you're done.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Create a new shortcut on your desktop. (Right click>New>Shortcut)

Step 2: When it asks for the location of the item, paste the path to your steam.exe (Mine looks like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe)

Step 3: Name the shortcut whatever you want, I personally named mine the name of the server I will be seeding. 
You should now have a steam icon on your desktop. 
Now to add some specific options!

Step 4: Right click on the icon, and click "Properties"

Step 5: Within this menu, is the text box "Target", containing the directory to your steam.exe copy and paste the following info after  the directory:
-applaunch [ONE OF THE APPIDS BELOW] -novid -textmode -nosound -noipx -nopreload -nojoy -dev -console +connect [IP OF THE SERVER YOU WANT TO SEED (Doesn't work with tf2)]

Possible App IDs:
Gmod: 4000
L4D2: 500

Mine looks like this (To seed Gmod): 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 4000 -novid -textmode -nosound -noipx -nopreload -nojoy -dev -console +connect

And you're all done!
Now, when you double click the icon you made, a text box will open. After a few seconds (And lots of info, you can ignore it) it should connect to the server, which will register you as a player.
You're now seeding while using hardly any system resources, and hardly any effort at all to launch the respective game. 
If you want to quit, simply close the window.

Some drawbacks to this, is that you will not be able to interact with the server whatsoever. You can view chat messages and events on the server, but you are not actually able to view the game. This saves a ton of CPU, but if you want to actually participate in the server you'll actually need to close the window, and join the game.

Thank you for reading this guide, and happy seeding!

Pls help seed gmod pls

What it looks like:
[Image: Q3nBmXz.png]
1000% of my luck

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