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don't abuse bugs or glitches
cuz im pretty sure gmod has a lot of them
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Section one is general server rules
I'm aiming for this rule philosophy: Steam Community :: Guide :: DarkRP done right: Lawless RP Revised (DRPDR 2)

1. General Server Rules
    1.1. No Cheating: Using cheats of any kind detected by anti-cheat, or confirmed by a staff member will result in a permanent ban. 
    1.2. No Impersonating Staff: Trying to pass yourself off as a staff member will result in a permanent ban 
    1.3. No Evading bans: Using another Steam Account/Family Shared Account/Or IP Address will result in a lengthened ban on all your accounts.
    1.4. No Offensive Language: Repeated use of unwarranted profanities or innapropriate language, Blatant or intentionally malicious racism, sexism, or bigotry will result in a 1-2 week ban.
    1.5. Please do not disrespect staff. This includes personal threats, and intentional disrespect. This doesn't mean you can't question an admin's handling of a situation. Feel free to take up issues with admins in a responsible and respectful manner. 
    1.6. Mic Spam: Please make sure the quality of your microphone allows you to be heard clearly by other players. Only sing/play music while in a player role that allows it/its appropriate to do so in.
    1.7. No Griefing: Continuous harm/unwanted actions intended to disrupt the server can result in a kick or temporary ban. This includes map exploits, and glitches. Finding loopholes within the rules for the point of exploiting them is not allowed. Proper judgement of one's actions must be implemented while playing.
    1.8. Do not abuse the voting system, admin chat, or plugins. Spamming the commands will result in a kick or temporary ban.

Okay, just spit-balling some other rules
Should be updated to be more concise in actual rules

After dying, a player must wait 2 minutes before returning to the location of their death. They may not participate in any RP situation located around the site of their death until these 2 minutes expire. After this, a player may feel free to enter the location of their death, even if a raid on their base is still in place. Players may ban others from their shops if they believe them to be a threat, or if they have been killed in the past

Murdering somebody without a reason is strongly discouraged. Mass-murdering without good reason, and griefing as a class will result in admin intervention. When an individual is shooting at you, or is otherwise acting suspicious/brandishing illegal weapons, it is your responsibility to call the police using /911
After being murdered, and the 2 minute period has expired, you also may have the police conduct an investigation on the murderer.
The police are responsible for punishing murderers through arrest, or depending on the violence of the situation, kill the murderer. 
Be sure to use the /wanted command to your advantage, to track players commiting crimes.
If a situation is breaking RP, and a large amount of unwarranted deaths are occurring, only then should an admin be notified to break up the situation.
If an individual is found to be repeatedly murdering others without just cause, a punishment may be applied.
I like Kbred's rules, especially the NLR bit (it makes NLR less annoying, though there will be idiots who just see NLR and skip the bit about "can come back but cant participate in RP situations and can return to a raid after 2mins"). 
I also like the less enforced RDM and basicaly giving enforcement of that to the cops.

Over all I would say over all 9/10 rules, maybe add a bit about what each faction can do (IE, cops cant have printers) but other than that very good

(Edit) I forgot to mention Fear Rp, thank you for not adding that
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