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Just as a small update to this if people care, Equifax is currently waving the credit freeze charge for the next 30 days
Equifax, Bowing to Public Pressure, Drops Credit-Freeze Fees - The New York Times

P.S. Thanks captain for bringing this to my attention, didn't realize how much ran through their company. I'm gonna see about working on this along with my parents to make sure our loans and whatnot are safe. I'm not too worried but its better safe than sorry especially when I may need to borrow again for graduate school.
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does this affect Canadians? or is it just Canadians/Americans in the US atm?
Mango, if you're dual then you got hacked. Otherwise, they've admitted there's a whole bunch of non-US people that got hacked but are refusing to say more. The odds are not in your favor.

This is a bad time for me to be trying to buy a house... Can't freeze my credit. If you can, do it, but be aware it will complicate student loans, getting credit cards, or anything like that.

Equifax can kiss my left nut sack over this. Everybody gets hacked all of the time, but its utterly inexcusable to let the hackers get that much data. And the C-level executives that waited weeks to tell anyone while they sold stock are going to jail. Clear insider trading.

Thanks for the comprehensive update, Captain.

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