Random Bullet Spread
It was recently brought to my attention the dislike of random bullet spread by certain players. Now I told them that if they had a complaint about it, they should bring it to forums, but I doubt that any hightower regular, even our members, would actually post something here. So I'd like to gather some opinions, should we disable random bullet spread?

I know that there is an older thread about this, but I don't seem to see it in under feedback. I believe one of the main draws noted in that thread was that scout, already a strong class, would be far stronger with random bullet spread disabled.
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We have had 3 threads about this now, and there has yet to have been a single conclusive answer.
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Well there seems to be a never ending debate with solid arguments from both sides. I personally would disable random bullet spread because I loved my time playing engineer and heavy in UGC Highlander, but I know most of Hightower's population shares the same background. Also, like others have said before, really good scouts would become THAT much better at Scout. Since Hightower is more of a casual, not so tryhard server that doesn't sound like a good idea. See how I just told you my argument and then came up with a counter point? That's why we have three threads on this issue.
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I'm for it personally.  We disable elements of randomness (i.e. random kritz) so might as well do the same for bullet spread
3 threads and we haven't decided. Hopefully this is the one. I'm all for it since it makes they game more skillful and you know where your bullets are going to go
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When people come into this server, and they try using rtd, and they complain about random crits, I can proudly tell them that we run a no bullshit hightower server. It's the dream for people like me who don't want to put up with the problems Valve or other servers leave up. But the only thing left in that statement's integrity (to my knowledge) is random bullet spread, and it slightly triggers me. Heck, I don't even use weapons that would rather have it off. But when I go jumping, and I see that beautiful rounded square of bullets fired from a shotgun, I can't help but wonder why we can't have that too in TC.
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I feel like saying no, and have the last couple times this came up. Frankly though, I don't think it matters. Scout v Scout should make a difference, but us pyros will still just own them.
Well perhaps I'll bring this topic up at the next staff meeting for some conclusion.
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