semi-emergency - veterinary advice!
hey all,
those of you who know me, even lightly, know that I love cats.

now, here's the situation; there's a mean ol' stray black cat on my block that semi-tolerates my getting close to him to say hai... and this week I noticed a nasty gash on his shoulder.

I can't afford to take him in atm, nor might he actually allow himself to be confined to an apartment without tearing all my stuff up and peeing everywhere, BUT I hate seeing kitties in pain.

So, here's what I need. General veterinary advice on how to clean out/care for a wound on a cat that doesn't want to be touched. I'm looking for what sort of over the counter medical supplies might help him out, what sort of food would be good for a cat to help keep their strength up when they're sick, advice on how to approach a cat that will probably lash out, etc.

I've years of experience with dealing with animals and cats specifically, but I'm looking for any and all advice that may help out in this situation. Anything is helpful if it means that I can keep this guy safe, and even possibly convince him that people aren't all bad and maybe help him find a forever home.

anything helps, thnx!
So I don't have any great/professional advice, but one thing you could do would be to keep insects out of the wound. Its kind of nasty but flies will lay eggs in there and will hatch maggots that will eat the muscle tissue. This is how we actually first found one of our cats, he just showed up on our doorstep with a large, infested gash. Also the insects carry diseases that would have an immediate access to the bloodstream. Your probably not even going to be able to touch him though without building some sort of a bond first. To actually be able to do this, well I don't know. Food is probably the best way to convince him your also a cool cat, but then you run the risk of attracting every other stray on the block and suddenly your the local crazy cat guy. When it comes to handling him, well that's where you will probably need to make a judgement call. Id say move slow and make sure he always see's your hands so that way you don't startle him, but if you really need to get a hold of him for some reason then try distracting him with food then scoop him up while wearing at least a long sleeve shirt or light jacket to protect you from his claws. At that point maybe see if their are any mild disinfectants that pets could use to clean out the cut. I mean worst comes to worst, you could try and find a no-kill shelter to take it to or at least get more info. That's about all I got, I don't know if there are any human meds that work well for cats. Just try and make sure it has food/water and maybe a decent place to sleep like a box with small holes ( if it tends to say in one place). 
P.S. Sorry for the wall and hope this helps
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Leave the cat alone, stray cats are honestly a problem in most urban areas and population control is very difficult with them. They kill tons of birds and many species have become extinct do to these stray cats. Sure it makes people feel good to help strays, but they are kind of a parasite to cities and kill a lot of birds. They just breed uncontrollably and cause more trouble than good.
cheapest : mix water and salt
(08-09-2017, 12:34 AM)Crazy_Liz[TC] Wrote: cheapest : mix water and salt

Strangely enough, this works to stop bleeding and I have no idea why, always did it when I pulled a tooth, bleeding stopped after a while of sloshing it around in my mouth.
(08-09-2017, 09:57 PM)Apon- Wrote:
(08-09-2017, 12:34 AM)Crazy_Liz[TC] Wrote: cheapest : mix water and salt

Strangely enough, this works to stop bleeding and I have no idea why, always did it when I pulled a tooth, bleeding stopped after a while of sloshing it around in my mouth.

water and salt do many things. like curing sore throat or help cleaning dirty or bloody spots
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Only way to fix cat is vodka. Cat drink vodka, you drink vodka, wound drink vodka, everything good. Then proceed to dance, Dah.

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In all seriousness Cats are usually pretty clean animals so unless the wound is either to big or someplace where the cat cant clean it then I dont think there a lot you can do sadly. :Sad
Also you try sealing the wound with super glue.
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I'm going to thank everyone for the input at this point. Everything mentioned here is exactly what I was looking for regarding how to practically address this situation, so big thanks.

The bad news is I haven't seen the cat in more than a week at this point. I have some anti-bacterial rinse on my key stand, and a towel on standby, but no sign of kitty. It's a shame; I have a great deal of pain when I deal with strays because I want them to be okay... but I think this kitty has either found a secluded space to hide and heal, or has already passed away. Bitterbrush is right, on the whole, but people do need to take responsibility in spaying/neutering their pets to avoid the whole problem to begin with. And I'm one of those idiots who will take responsibility for a cat that isn't my problem because of other people's failings when dealing with animals, so...

...also, Hugh? You ever douse yourself in vodka when you got a serious injury? You want to do that to one of nature's more successful clawed and crazy killing machines?

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