Yoyo, it's that vegetable that no one knows. :)
So uh, Hi! Smile    

This is honestly probably gonna be a mixture of an intro and ramble post so I'm just gonna post this in general.

I made a post like exactly a year ago quickly explaining where the hell I went and what happened for 2 years. Since then, I've had my first year of college and have a part-time job at a local Trader Joe's, and I think I'm back for good this time. 

It's nice to see so many new people a part of this community now and I guess this is my half-assed introduction to those people, but also a message to the ones that knew me 3 years ago saying that I'm back (hopefully for a while this time).

I'm originally known as Parsnip on TC, but I've always been Turk-Ozan (I'm Turkish and my first name is Ozan, makes sense right?) online on any platform (originally on PS3). Parsnip was just a joke that kinda just stuck when I had joined TC. I'm fine with whatever you call me, I don't really care tbh. I'm not really that social and pretty difficult to get close to now since I don't trust easily anymore, just an FYI for me being awkward in the future I guess. 

I've been hanging out in the discord whenever I get a chance, usually at pretty late hours, unless it's my off-days, and I pretty much only play Overwatch atm. Just today, thanks to Pent and his gift, I got Gauntlet and that seems like a game I could get used to with people to play with. I'm also ALWAYS down to go through any of the Borderlands games again or make another character on Dungeon Defenders and play through with people. I will never not love Borderlands or Dungeon Defenders. I almost have 1,000 hours on TF2 but that game is just so stale to me now that I can't play it for more than 10 minutes at a time so it's not even worth me getting back into it. 

I'm here to enjoy videogames again and I'm glad to be back.  Shy

 P.S.     What even is a parsnip?

Looking back at this... I probably should have put this under the Introduction threads maybe. *Shrugs*
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A parsnip is a root vegetable much like a carrot but white.

Also Hullo there \(o.o)
The taste is like the butt, split in half - Swedish proverb  Cool
I never understand how people get burnt out by games, but then again I have a bit over four thousand hours in tf2, so what do I know?
(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)
(08-04-2017, 02:54 PM)Hugh Jass [T Wrote: A parsnip is a root vegetable much like a carrot but white.

Also Hullo there \(o.o)

I'm pretty sure I had that as a bind on TF2 when I played lol. That and "I'M FUCKING PARSNIP" are the 2 I strongly remember (:
hai buddy! long time no see! welcome back :3
You complained about the lack of posts on discord so, hey I guess.

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