I just realized that I didn't have an introduction, so I'll create a quick one. I haven't really been active throughout the year because of school stuff.

So, you might be wondering where my name comes from besides the classic "bang your head on the keyboard" technique. It comes from when I was around 8-9 years old on this online game that I forgot the name of. From there I guess it just stuck with me.

I enjoy a lot of things, including, but not limited to, drawing, gaming and playing my alto sax and science stuff.

Achievements: Entered All-state Band three times, got some medals for Math League and TSA (Technology Student Association, not Transportation Security Administration) and being alive.

I guess I would consider myself a Jack-of-All trades, nothing outstanding, but nothing horrible.
As a person? Eh. that's up for you to decide.

So far I've been to 19 countries and stayed in China for 5 years, so I guess that's something

When I was in elementary school (in China), I wasn't the happiest kid. I got occasionally depressed and in extreme cases suicidal thoughts. Pressure to do well from parents took a toll on me, who kept telling me to "Compare myself to better people" which only dampened my mood. Eventually I retreated into myself, thinking about abstract thoughts rather than talking to actual people. I still played video games back then and made some online friends to keep myself sane and stable. Overtime, these thoughts became my personality, quiet, seclusive, with always something to think about, mind never pausing to rest. As I grew older, I began to loosen up, took life a little less seriously and opened up a bit. I came back to America (USA, USA, USA) in 6th grade and found that a lot has changed in 5 years. Things like Youtube (which was banned in China, yet you could still could bypass this block using a VPN) were all new to me. After making some new friends (again) and meeting new people online, I grew more used to conversations and became more in tune with society. Yet, unlike society, I prefer to go against social norms and jumping on the bandwagon, preferring to attempt to find a reason behind movements and understanding different groups of people and beliefs. This hunger for knowledge has fueled my desire to keep moving and understanding what life has to offer. So far, it has worked for me pretty well. I mean, no suicidal thoughts yet Tongue.

I lied about this being short
....19 counties.... nooooo, i'm not jealous at all.... anyone not know where I can not get chemical supplies so I can not send a bomb through the post?

also bandwagons are dumb, but don't outcast yourself to far neither.... the former is Hitler-esque, the latter... well, ever hear of Charles Manson?
(07-21-2017, 03:48 PM)Mangö[TC] Wrote: ....19 counties.... 

Yes, I live in Carlton County; I'm jealous that you've visited more than one county in your life...  Dodgy
My parents gave up on me when they realized that I wasn't going to be one of those straight A's, perfect SAT score, Ivy League school kids. It was great! lol. Also, it worked out in the end.
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