Daisies finally comes out as an irl girl
It's time to introduce myself, so trigger warning if you give up reading as quickly as a president I won't name - lololol. I put TLDR stuff in bold for the laziests of you stuck_out_tongue emoji

I'll post it in two messages so Discord can handle the number of characters. It's still gonna lag xD

Geographically, physically and sexually, I'm a French highschool student (near Germany) in high school. I'm biologically and mentally a female and I'm attracted by any anthro (including human) females I find cute. No fetish. I'm just opened eyes_closed_stuck_out_tongue emoji 

Mentally now (#MyVirtualKeyboardWillSuffer).
TLDR I love understanding what's going on in the world so I love science (especially maths and physics) and I kinda like stuff like sociology, economy or geography. I'm always looking to see why and how certain things are like they do. So curious scientific mind if you want.
I also like art, especially music (favs: electro/orchestral/both (usually remixes of OSTs)). Plus I'm trying to get used to Krita to draw stuff of better quality than what I can do on PDN ^^
My scientific curiosity comes with another big interest, still about how stuff works: I like studying systems like machines or computers, whatever, as well as virtual systems like strategies. Btw I'm a Pokemon Showdown player so if you want a battle PM me.
For my interest in dank memes just search for my messages in #shitpost.
For a future work, I think it's gonna be in the level design and then game design, these two jobs being the activities I go for without even thinking when I get an idea.

Misc: I'm kinda obsessed about perfection and infinity. I like the feeling of the wind in my hair and clothes.

So how did I become a furry? Well I have a friend who has been a furry for around one month before me and I shared my connection with him so Google connected us and so recommended me Beta's "7 levels of being a furry" video and I realized so much clues were connected. This was obvious: I'm a furry. So yeah, that's an example on how Google, again, helped me ^^ (again because Google Now helped me finding a good price for my laptop :3)

Now for my specie you may ask ^^ Basically I always simulated (imagining by focusing on it to get details and feelings) flights, being a pretty large bird. Also multiple elements heavily lead me (haha) to connect to air (Aristotle is at least useful in psychology, I could connect his theory to the Triforces and the MBTI), but also and mainly to water. Before you say I'm a duck, and sorry if I disappoint you x_D emoji, I prefer being underwater than floating at the surface. I like to be in a calm environment and really three-dimentionally free. You can see my mind as a Lugia basically stuck_out_tongue

To put it simply #TLDR for now I feel like my sona is an hybrid between a Zora and a water phoenix. Basically a blue bird with blue Zora feet, legs (bottom half), arms (interior half), hands and head (still with a (black I think) beak). By "interior" I mean the half which is the closest to your body when you align your arms to your body.
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I dont know how to respond to all this information
daisies female confirm
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The taste is like the butt, split in half - Swedish proverb  Cool
I don't know you (and I kinda wanna keep it that way) but you sound hot af.
tl:dr... tu parle francais? pourquoi t'as rien dit?! On parle francais!
(07-14-2017, 08:57 AM)Mangö[TC] Wrote: tl:dr... tu parle francais? pourquoi t'as rien dit?! On parle francais!

French is bad
I don't know what I just read but it hurts my brain.

Wait...... So Daisies is a girl...... who speaks French.... likes anime and video games.... knows about politics and history... and knows about computers? I think you should win that raffle and choose a certain prize that pertains to German Nationalistic Socialists.
Pretty sure it's a conflict of interest to enter my own raffle
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