Team Cream Mark III - A New Beginning
It's been a crazy few months here at Team Cream and oh boy are we ready to rock the boat.

Let's face it. Team Fortress 2 as a game has a bit of an uncertain future right now with Valve's recent decisions and we have certainly felt it here at TC. We ended up having to make some hard decisions, including shutting down our beloved 24/7 Goldrush server. I have seen a lot of communities decline past this point and into dust. Do you really think Team Cream is going to go down without a fight?

[Image: heck_no.png]

We, the Head Admins, have been on a mission recently to start gathering feedback from you, the TC community, as well as external sources. We have been brainstorming and whiteboarding to try and find a way to make Team Cream the best damn experience that we possibly can for you. It's not easy to do these kind of things, but hey, if you don't try then you'll never know!

So without further CaptainUndies rambling, I present to you: Team Cream Mark III!

Originally, Team Cream was formed as a Team Fortress 2 community, with the occasional smaller game here or there. With TF2's current direction, we can no longer hold on to the past. As such, we are officially opening the floodgates to any games so that we are as fluid as the modern gaming world. We are already establishing the support for additional games, based on your feedback, such as Counter-Strike, Age of Empires II, Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 2, etc. Our focus changes with your focus, so we're going to need the staff to support it.

[Image: TC_Org_Chart.png]

Okay, cool, a picture. So what does it mean? Well, quite a bit actually, so let's start with our TC members. 

TC Members

You've seen it a hundred times before. Register at the forums. Come apply to be a member. Join our Discord. Bla bla, yeah every game server has something like that, but is it really just wearing a tag and being slightly different than the other players? No! Our members are the core of our community. The seed and help populate our servers. They reach out to others to make them feel welcome to and in our community. They bring fresh and interesting ideas to the table and they get a bigger say in the decisions that we make as a whole. In addition to being a member, they have the opportunity to step up for our staff positions.

Community Moderators

The moderators are the backbone of our staff. They are our ambassadors, our interpreters and our enforcers. We give them great power and great responsibility as they have proven themselves to be trustworthy within the entire community. You'll see them hopping around between our various game servers, chat clients and web sites. When you see them online, don't be afraid to say hello!

Community Admins

Everyone recognizes that green color when they hop into the servers. The admins are the game specialists in our community. Similar to how valve has rolling desks to allow colaboration, our admins pick an area of focus, whether it is individually or as a smaller group, and take ownership of it. They work with the mods, members and community to ensure that we are making the correct decisions when it comes to their respective game servers, map rotations, games of focus, competitive team leaders, etc. Additionally, they work on scheduling gaming events in their area of focus.

Senior Admins

The first of our new staff groups, the senior admins have taken on some of the responsibilities of the Head Admins. They are responsible for coordinating community staff meetings, working with the admins and mods on gaming-related changes and proposals, membership requirements and expectations, as well as ban appeals and SourceBans management. 

Tech Staff

The second of our new staff groups, the tech staff, are the back-end admins. They work on all of our infrastructure, including the web site, the forum, the game servers, our central management tools, etc. Whether they are experienced or want to learn more, these staff members step up to the occasion to solve complex problems and keep our community running! Any member can apply for a tech staff position, regardless of community staff status.

Communty Managers

Formerly the head admins, the community managers are the ultimate authority in Team Cream and are ultimately responsible for it's direction and status. The community managers work with the senior admins and tech staff to ensure that we are making the correct long-term decisions, while also providing guidance and training to anyone in the community. The success or failure of Team Cream falls on us and we work for you.

Last, but not at all least, you! You are the community! We dedicate our time and effort to make sure that you can enjoy being here just as much as we do. We encourage you to come join the conversations and the good times! As always, if you have ideas, concerns or want to become part of the team, then get involved!

Along with this, I would like to announce the first wave of promotions and appointments! To start the show, I would like to congratulate Sandman and Nazi as our first senior admins! Both of them have shown their strengths in gameplay, fairness and community activity and we're glad to have them onboard the senior staff.

Additionally, we have our first tech staff members, Abaraba and Hamel! Both of them will be working with Bob on the web team to revamp our forum and web sites to better work for the community.

Congratulations to Sandman, Hamel, Abaraba and Nazi!

~ CaptainUndies
great to see tc taking action!
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
[Image: poutine-banner.jpg]
The taste is like the butt, split in half - Swedish proverb  Cool
seems neato
My name's big jeff
All of this seems great. Keep it up.

Sounds great Capn
Hey sounds fun, I used to be way more active in Team Cream (member and mod after starting back in Aug 2014!) but I  haven't really been playing much tf2 so I've been inactive in the community for around 2 years. Overwatch sounds like fun though! (I'm working on getting master rn, zenyatta main) Smile
A lot of fun games to focus on, maybe I can get more active again.

Also is there a good invite to the discord because the invite on the website has expired
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(07-08-2017, 07:21 PM)Monkeybreath Wrote: Also is there a good invite to the discord because the invite on the website has expired
 go to "server", scroll down and click connect on discord Tongue
[Image: poutine-banner.jpg]
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I like it!
[Image: ghhz58K.png]

@ MehHat
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Mac? Where?
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I was wrong I thought Tc was dead but I guess not nice to seeSmile I would love to play overwatch with you guys when I get a new pc I'm on xbox rn and currently diamond I play what's neededSmile
[Image: 111372_701.png]
(07-11-2017, 08:59 PM)FC²|Ethanator|TC| Wrote: I was wrong I thought Tc was dead but I guess not nice to seeSmile I would love to play overwatch with you guys when I get a new pc I'm on xbox rn and currently diamond I play what's neededSmile

We never died what
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>hasnt connected to our servers since April
>doesnt have pc
>0.0 hours in past 2 weeks

"i thought you guys died"
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Sounds pretty cool, I would love to have a Team Cream CS:GO server to play on!
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