Accepted ☠❤jack0410❤☠
Name: ☠❤jack0410❤☠

Server: TC Hightower

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161243011

Reason: Cheating with aimbot and wallhacks

Previous SourceBans:
Panda Community SourceBans

My own proof:
That's uh some weird wallhack and aimbot. Probably another script kiddo that looked on the internet for a free hack and downloaded it. 
Really obvious that he is cheating
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
pretty damn blatant wall/aimbot. would prefer to see a demo but it doesn't really matter with this guy.
[Image: 121519_101.png][Image: bR4be0E.png]
like seriously.
Banned via steam ID and IP.

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