Stari's internet is butt
Hey guys!

Just so you know, Stari's internet provider is like....really poopy so she hasn't been on for like a week.

Her provider fixed it but then it went down again so her internet is down for another week.

Just letting everyone know that she isn't dead, she just has had horrible internet service!

She will be back soon.
(If anyone needs to get a message to her you can tell me and I'll tell her)
Let starii know that, That medics a spy. She'll understand. 
i thought maybe the pyramid aliens picked her up too
Who is her ISP?
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"+0 for now" - SwagJuice [TC] AKA "The One"
(12-16-2014, 04:02 PM)swagjuice Wrote: Who is her ISP?

I have no idea I think it might be some crap local provider
that can't be as worst as bell canada=_= they came here 3 times for the installation,1st day they didn't show up,  so my boyfriend called them and they have made a mistake( opening the account in december but have put the installation for
2nd they send someone and found out that the last guy who was renting our house they didn't unplug his line so that they can't do a thing and that we have to call the guy so that he get the line pull out

3rd they finally came and did the job but they also manage to unplug the internet from our neighbor

and they fucking charge 50$ for the installation=_=
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