Accepted Hacker with unusual?
name: pro sniper
steam id: STEAM_0:1:176132671
server: hightower
reason: aimbot, walls, maybe more.

Its pretty obvious, and its a short demo. After I recorded him, I just kicked him. 
If there was a better way i could've handled it. Please tell me! :D

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  • mauii [TC]
you could have perma banned him for aimbotting

you goof
tick 2900~ you can clearly see he toggled from the scout to the stairs then tries to hide it
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can pyhn ban being a mod?
I don't remember. I rarely use kick, since warning people is effective enough and hackers are uncommon, and I've never used ban if it exists as an option for mods.
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mods can't ban.
you can warn. 3 warns is supposed to temp ban automatically.
if you can, get their ID from the console (i think the command is 'status' and a list of all the player's IDs come up) and we'll keep an eye on them that way.
or you can call an admin via MP so we can ban his ass Tongue
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I'd agree with the sentiment that he is hacking. Tracking people through walls, inhuman flicks, and perfectly turning around and locking on to a scout sold it to me. His heavy tracking was too perfect and yeah.

+1 to ban.
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@"mAuiihan [TC]" 

any response?
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tick 6000 sold it to me
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
i'll take a look, if hack confirm, i'll ban

hack confirm, will ban.

thanks for the demo, and good catch Smile
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