Rejected Watch this guy
I can't tell you for sure but his aim in this was at some points unusually fishy and accurate. At most times in the video, he isn't even aiming at the person he is shooting at and hitting them. I want to know what you think about him.

.dem   togglingtc.dem (Size: 3.61 MB / Downloads: 7)
Seemed a little suspicious, he seemed to be cheating when he was playing sniper, I was lagging way to much to be able to tell though.
The not aiming at a person and hitting is just that it is a spectator demo. 
I don't think he is cheating imo
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
not quite sure too, need more review.

but I'm pretty sure this is not hacking
[Image: poutine-banner.jpg]
closing this
thanks for report god
haha, god reports to Mauii .... XD

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