Rejected orange chicken
who is this and why do they have a tc member tag?
Steam Community :: Orange Chicken [TC]
i have no idea
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
first thought he was just yoloing with the tc tag since he liked the look of it (I seen ppl do that)
then i looked him up on our database

someone go talk to him or somethin man he's joined our servers with the tc tag and as far as I know I don't know anyone with the name "Orange Chicken [TC]" or "TheLegend27 [TC]"
He apparently changed his name right after he got member
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
^db stats
hes the donald
still active
^ member app

name changes man....
Application found the app
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
could you guys reach out to him? dont see him very active in community
ok im on it

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