Rejected Tmags again
So some people were throwing a fit over him today about "tmags has snaphack...hes using the fuckin bunnyhop script that 90% of hackers use too".

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I watched for a while when he was playing soldier, scout and sniper. Looked pretty normal to me outside of 1 shotgun kill and sniper headshot. Leaving the demos I recorded attached, they are fairly long. Soldier/Scout is tmag.dem, sniper is tmags2.dem.


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While I haven't looked at the demos yet, I've certainly had issues with Tmags in the past on other servers. He has godly scout aim, but can barely function when he plays other classes.
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Same smit,whenever he plays scout he is  GOD but then he moves to sniper and just shits
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
maybe because when he switches to scout its time to turn on his GODMODE
We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could that we didn't stop to think if we should.      
odd aimkey

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[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
ive looked at his demos before, will look at them again
At the start of the first demo he constantly moves his crosshair towards people then moves it away. I think he is walling. He does it too much for it to be accidents. I might be wrong but it looks suspicious.
Been really suspicious of him since he started playing here, actually banned him on 8/16/16 for aimbot but was overruled (correctly).

Gameme stats: TMags
Original ban request: Ban Repeal: False aimbotting accusations
Original unban request:

I'll take a look at the new demos this weekend.
i apparently call him racial slurs because i want to keep the racial identity of his choosing down. as such, i recuse myself from this discussion and will simply call him a doody face... just 'cuz he actually is a doody face.
what on earth is going on here

are we doing the tmags is hacking thing again
I don't know; you make false accusations of members and regulars calling each other inflammatory and racially charged insults, so perhaps it's actually your attitude that's being examined this time. Given that this is, like, the third time we've gotten ban requests for your account for whatever reason, perhaps you should explain to us what's going on. I think we want your side of things; from our end, evidence we have to work with is somewhat damming. Thank you.
Having problems with launching the demo file, so I havent seen it yet, but I still have things to say.
I have seen Tmags play, and when I go up against him, he doesn't seem like he is hacking. (As in, no aimbot/aimlock)
You might say I don't really have a good point here because I haven't seen the demo yet.
I will be sure to edit this once I get the demo file to launch.

Edit: Had to get steam on, and also had to move the file into the tf folder.
The demo I got was from Cardude was really short, but I didn't see anything fishy.
I usually do flicks like that and don't see anything wrong with it. Cardude, tell me the ticks you saw it at.

As with Sandman's demos, I think its just the people with mics that are getting mad. He kills friendlies and "tryhards".
I'm pretty sure I heard "Tmags" more than 200 times during the first demo. Ended up stoping 10k ticks before the end because of a headache.
Also, in the first demo, he flicks a lot as scout. Some might say that is a aimlock key, but I flick often as scout.
Not going to watch the second demo today, but I for now, I still don't think Tmags is hacking, walling, or scripting.

tl:dr ~ Tmags isnt hacking in my point of view, he just tryhards which cause other players to get mad at him, and call him stuff like a hacker. 
k, that's good to know.
I'll see you guys in a few months when this happens again
I witnessed tmags attempt to accuse kawaii of using racial slurs, notably of using "n*gger". He had a lackey with him, might have been an alt based on fuzzy memory of what mauii said.

I read tmag's unban, I am retracting this statement. I should have made note of this a while back.
(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°(͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)͡°)
I'm closing and rejecting this. There's no evidence of hacks here. Please continue to submit demos if you think his play is suspicious.
...guess we'll see him again in a month :/

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