Accepted Renegades or Baker
Renegades (switch to Baker half way through demo)
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[font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]steam: 
Steam Community :: Renegades]
Server: Hightower
Reason: Exploiting and refusing to stop (can see me in chat telling him to stop in demo)

700-850 ticks: first one I got recorded (in kill feed)
3000-3200 ticks: changes name
4500 ticks: attempt (assisted by krits medic)
7500 ticks: attempt 2 (medic assist) 
15300 ticks: killed a guy
17000 ticks: attempt 3 (on red now)
24000 ticks: killed another guy

Im suggesting a 1 or 2 week been, but it is up to you guys.

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2 week ban for exploiting team-kill, and refusing to stop when told.

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