Rejected 5adly, maybe hacking
First time I saw him in tc hightower, he was flicking and snapping and landing off-head shots everywhere. Blamed it on a constant 142 ping. Second time, he suddenly devolved into the shittiest sniper I've ever seen. This third time however, he is still yet a complete dufus at sniper, but with every shot that they land (quite the uncommon occurrence), nearly every single one appears to be an off-body bodyshot or an off-head headshot. Sometimes just completely way off. I've got some massive demos for you guys, should you wish to peruse them.

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Thanks for posting, Moose. Will be reviewing these now.

Took a look and personally nothing looked suspicious. It just looks like a sniper with high ping and/or sensitivity. 

Will be waiting for more mods and admins to give an opinion before an action is taken.
saw him play tonight; he's good, and some shots look to good to be true, but it's nothing we haven't seen in a really good sniper before.
will keep my eye on him tho...
I've been suspicious of him for a while, I will take a look at these some time today.
[Image: 121519_101.png][Image: bR4be0E.png]
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first demo phil says

so the only bad parts i saw were at 2900 and 3400
at 2900 he does a super fast flick and flicks back after the soldier is dead
after those first two shots there's nothing that jumps out

second demo:
after those first two shots there's nothing that jumps out
500, 5000, 5900, 11000
all very sketchy
he's very inconsistent, which could be lad [lag?]

ok. he's very inconsistent, but every headshot was a lightning fast snap
some of it could be lag, but it's pretty fishy
-phil, who wants good boy points with the admins
as i told nert, he only seems to get fast flick headshots, while missing easier shots on distracted or slow moving targets. the off head head shots are entirely lag, as he had 140 ping plus whatever moose's ping will fuck up the models. the inconsistency is super fishy, and he doesn't do anything that actually good snipers do (crosshair pre-placement, predicting airborne targets, etc) which makes it fishier.

i've never seen him as much of a problem besides being a slightly better sniper than most, and if he is cheating it's very subtle. he does have lots of playtime, which helps his case, but the inconsistency in the shots is really what makes me lean toward cheating. not trying to give a verdict, just throwing my two cents into the ring.

also i only want brownie points with 3dcat since he's my deranking bae

I watched both the demos. 5adly is an odd case. When watching him play it's as if he has an aimkey  bound to his +attack with a very small radius, which would explain the extreme inconsistency of his sniping, and why when he does get headshots they appear to be very snappy. Also even with the demos heavily slowed down he flicks his aim alot back and forth over the person he is targeting, as if he is waiting for a triggerbot to kick in. 
-ATree, who is a ht regular that used a whole heck ton of hacks be4 that helped us view over the demo on Discord.
He also did the math and with all headshottable weapons he has 80% hs rate. (He said Smit only had 77)
He's a UGC Iron/Steel player. Couple bans from other sites for racism/trolling.

First demo:
2900: Definite snap on that headshot. 

2nd demo:
700: Very fishy
4900: Suspicious snap to headshot
6000: ^^

I'm torn, but I do think he might be hacking. His ping is terrible which leads to inconsistant sniping, and he might only be nailing headshots when he just shoots reflexively and gets through the lag. That doesn't explain why his crosshairs hop to the head on the flick shots and stop. I'd like Maui's opinion if/when she has time.
I've seen this guy before,very fishy but very hard to figure out since his ping IS JUMPING AROUND everytime
[Image: 34ac8de48a.jpg]
His ping is inconsistent, and its not enough evidence to ban at this point. Also, he's only been back a few times, with a k/d of about 1 since this request went up. If he was hacking, maybe he saw this and stopped. Hope so, we'll keep an eye on him in the future.

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