Accepted snfuc.... what
  • Player's Name "snfusinfjwk"
  • Player's SteamID STEAM_0:0:197203685 / [U:1:394407370]
  • Server the Offense Happened On: hightower
  • Reason for Request: blatant hacks.
    demo, very end hes very blatantly hacking and the beginning, i didn't straight up kick him cuz i wanted the demo but he left.he even says hes hacking chat.

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.dem   snuf.dem (Size: 4.43 MB / Downloads: 3)
After taking a look I fully agree with you, will take action after my shift as it starts in 8 minutes.
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His scattergun shots are completely off, but he's also lagging. The lag may be intentional though.

Around tick 5524: he switches to sniper
Tick 8940: clear headshot hack aimed way right
Tick 17000: absolutely blatant headshot hack on Barzoople115
Tick 17406: absolutely blatant headshot hack on Shadow Soul
he was vac banned today. No further action required.
[Image: 212457_101.png]
[Image: rSfDo6a.png]
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Can somoene still ban him though so he doesn't make a alt with the same IP and join? 
Yknow, just for safety?

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