Reduced Ban request Skleeck
Name: Skleeck

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:9649451

Reason: Offensive language, racism, spewing politics.

Server: Hightower

Proof: [CHAT LOGS (Idk how to check those)]
"Don't Dream for success, but work for it" - A wise man 

i muted him for 2 hours
hopefully he doesn't come back
edit: was also spamming on mic about "n***** songs" and stuff

F for trolling effort.
why do people keep thinking freedom of speech means 'carte-blanche' to be a complete ass-hat, douche-bag, belligerent, small minded, small dicked, small brained, shit-faced brick of baked crap?
because thats what freedom of speech is
sadly manners/common decency dont always go hand in hand with that freedom
(12-25-2016, 12:29 AM)mauii Wrote: because thats what freedom of speech is
sadly manners/common decency dont always go hand in hand with that freedom

"In 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court decided the case Hudgens v. National Labor Relations Board. This case involved a group of labor union members who were picketing inside a privately owned mall. The union members filed suit claiming, in part, that their First Amendment free-speech rights had been violated after they were asked to leave the premises or be arrested for criminal trespass. The court looked at past cases and found that the First Amendment does not prevent a property owner from restricting the exercise of free speech on private property, in this instance the shopping mall. So, for example, if a mall shopper were asked to cover a shirt that the mall owners found to be offensive, the shopper would have to comply or leave." under "Can what a customer wears in a shopping mall be restricted?"

I feel like this can be applied here, and to many other servers. Since these are privately owned (as in, they aren't operated by the government) servers, the owner (or admins and moderators) can rightfully deny entrance or ban someone because of what they say.

Sorry I'm going off on a tangent here, I was up to like 2 paragraphs and decided no one wants to read all that. Anyway, the above applies here
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freedom of speech does mean you can be douchey
but we also have the freedom to turn them away i agree
well that's what we've been doing; all in agreement for a 1-2 week ban for being a dick?
Looks like Nert took care of it with the mute, hasn't been back since. I'm closing this for now, and we'll issue a nice long ban if he comes back and continues.

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