Accepted Temporary Ban for "Gorlami"
| steamname: "Gorlami"
| steam3ID: [U:1:71962954]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:35981477
| steamID64: Steam Community :: "Gorlami"

|TC 2Fort | No Crits | Chicago
| (

| Gorlami is a very ''salty'' player. Constantly types insults at all players whether they're needed or not. Also this player doesn't know how to client side mute and constantly tries to call votes to mute people he doesn't like. Eventually he switches to try to vote kick people for no particular reason.
Hi @"JellyCet [BerfDey - 2 Deys]" ! Thanks for reporting this. We're reviewing the Chat log and will respond shortly!
I wanted to make sure he got warned in game first, so I did that twice yesterday. I added the ban this morning when I saw another calladmin, and that he'd continued the spam.

1 week ban for now, maybe that will chill him out.

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