Accepted the world's BEST twitch aimer
name: jiggaboo
steamid: [U:1:53095375]

playing on hightower

i was memeing around with the huntsman on hightower this afternoon and i saw that some scout on my team was on a 30 kill streak. obviously nobody is better at this game than i am so i spectated him and saw that he had incredible twitch aim when he was scouting, including twitching every shot with the pistol and smg. he even managed to track some cloaked spies at one time! i decided to record a few demos to show everyone what can happen when you work hard enough.

the first one is of him playing sniper, it shows some of his better smg shots and has the bonus of him giving helpful tips and tricks to all the plebs on red team on how he achieved his great aim.

this second one is not as good as the first since he's playing soldier at first and later swaps to sniper and scout, but i figured i'd include it for extra example of pure skill.

edit: sorry im too stupid to attach files directly. ill fix that. jiggaboo is the first demo

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will keep an eye.
I watched one of these demos earlier for about 30 seconds. At which point I exited beacuse I was sure it was hacks.
I will rewatch for the sake of being thorough, but ruling will most likely be a cheat permaban
he clearly has a program that will snap the aim if the player shoots close enough, which was subtle for scattergun and sniper rifle shots but became immediately clear once he used a rapid shot weapon. 

let me know the ruling, i'd like to see this through

lol 20 secs in again and yeah 
this ban request went through before I even got to click the demo to donwload it.
you shoudl still watch it

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