Accepted nah/napa/PAPA and... haaksds?
was specking nah at the request of one player, someone called him out for hacking and he changed names... repeatedly.
then he left. k, problem solved. Then haaksds joins... same amazing shots, same constant mouse roll through weapons, same message stating that they haven't set up their steam account, and steam logs him as being from the same area, Fresno.

they may not be the same guy, but I would really like some ideas/opinions on this guy's gameplay. Please and thnx.

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Interesting It looks like he has walls or very bad aimbot. I wanna say it .... TOO THE WISE BAN HAMMER.
[Image: dcubRJTu13kD154Ihc1wABtAiaDyK-p__yS1m5-Q...Phc-U=s137] squirrel
1500+ Clear wallhack
3400: LOL looks like he was using walls to watch one of the snipers, then his aimbot hopped over to shoot the other sniper. He wasn't expecting that.
4100: More walls
4900-on: Walls
8000: Autofire, maybe? Would explain some of the body shots.

Clearly hacking, also got VAC banned on the same day, lol.

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