Technical Difficulties
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Spawn in a command block, set it to redstone required, put a button next to it and put these commands in it (fyi: @p selects nearest player, 306-309 are iron armour, gamemode 2 is adventure mode, and 261 is a bow, 262 are arrows, and 267 is an iron sword):

/gamemode 2 @p
/give @p 306
/give @p 307
/give @p 308
/give @p 309
/give @p 261
/give @p 267
/give @p 262 64
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Unfortunately you can only use command blocks to replace items, not transfer them. You could use a dumb system where you have them drop their shit into a sorting system of hoppers I guess.

To replace items you basically need a "function", a /remove (or whatever it's called), and a /give command, and maybe a conditional statement or two double checking the items.
[Image: 212457_101.png]
[Image: rSfDo6a.png]

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