Accepted Sir Pans Alot
Player: Sir Pans Alot
Steam ID (or gameMe):
Server: Hightower
Reason: Offensive and/or Racist Language
Chat log:
Offensive chat starts at Nov 6, 2016 1:11:33 pm

This guy kept going even when I told him to stop. If any extra info is needed I took some screenshots.

So i feel you posted this one too many times
I think I read
or variations
too many times.
(11-06-2016, 02:47 PM)MadLad Wrote: So i feel you posted this one too many times

The limit was 39 I guess.
hah... 'white power'.... riiiiiight... unless this guy's flesh-tone is the same as a peice of A4 printer paper, I say we give him at least a week-long/2 week-long ban for being a douchebag ... actually, upon careful reflection, we should ban him even if his skin colour isn't A4...
I came on and he stopped with the really bad stuff, but was a kindergarden level troll for quite a while. Instead of a ban, I'm going to vote a 2 week silence. Let him seed as long as he can't say this stuff.
i prefer a silence, I found that silence has  much more power than ban.

i'm with cap hammer with a 2 week silence
[Image: poutine-banner.jpg]
[Image: 628b747f8ccdfb757062f36a27eedecfc2295f51...0571a2.jpg]
2 week silence issued. If he continues afterwards, we'll follow up with a ban.
I guess it didn't *puts on glasses* PAN OUT.

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